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The Foundation of a Trilogy

As a Christmas gift to myself, and in a hunt for inspiration, I stopped by the local B&N and picked up Elizabeth Sims’ You’ve Got a Book in You along with a beautifully bound copy of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy for just $20. Talk about a steal.

Sims has a remarkably cheery approach to writing that fills her readers with confidence. Whether that confidence is justified, who is to say until they’ve actually got a published book under their belt.

Asimov requires no introduction.


An Inspirational Quote to Start Me Off

You never really learn how to write a book–you just learn to write the one you’re writing right now.

This one has been tossed around in various forms. I pulled it from the website of YA author Ally Carter, but it appears to originate with Neil Gaiman via comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.