Shark[nado] Happens

Hot diggity damn. I haven’t posted here since January!

Since my last entry, a few changes occurred in my life that took me by storm, and now, nearly eight months later, I’m finally getting my sea legs back.

For starters, I resigned from my graphic design job in Hell (Yes, I am implying that I worked for Satan — figuratively, I hope). This was a major release for me and put to rest some very deep psychological issues, the kind you would expect to stem from working for the Devil.

Within a week, I was comfortably adjusting to my new job, which allows my creativity to flow more freely, all the while not being so creatively draining that I can’t come home and still have the energy required to write.

In the midst of the shuffle, I also managed to do some work on social media phenomenon that is Sharknado 2: The Second One. My friend Anthony C. Ferrante, the film’s director, offered me the chance to design the opening titles for the film, to which I emphatically agreed. Like all things Sharknado, it was a bumpy ride, but the end result was that I could say I WORKED ON SHARKNADO. Also, it didn’t look half bad!


And that, my friends, brings us to today.

I’m sitting at my computer, as I usually am, tinkering with ideas in Evernote; throwing in little seeds of story with the intent of having them sprout and develop into characters, chapters and even all new stories.

Oh, I almost forgot! I am now the proud owner of this beauty. 4K resolution, bay-bay! I’m entertaining the idea of using it to film my own book trailers in the future, but that’s wishful thinking until the first novel is complete. Still, it’s a fun idea and I can’t wait to experiment.


Later, gators!

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