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POLL: Is Your Protagonist Keeping a Secret?

Screenwriting was my “gateway drug” into novel writing.

I think this helps to explain why I’m so confounded by the topic of this post.

When writing a screenplay, it’s frowned upon to include what a character is feeling or thinking because it’s not considered “filmable.” Instead, the writer’s goal is to focus on what the character says and does, allowing for motives and plans to be neatly hidden beneath the surface. This can be tremendously useful when it comes to adding suspense and mystery to a film.

Novel writing on the other hand grants you the freedom of hearing the protagonist’s inner monologue, and in contrast to screenwriting, keeping your protag’s motives hidden is generally frowned upon.

So my question is: How can the protagonist be part of a reveal or “reversal of expectations” if the reader is INSIDE his or her head and knows everything they know? Even with an omniscient narrator who jumps in and out of the head of the character, it presents a challenge.

I’m not expecting a simple answer to this. My experience with novel writing thus far has taught me that there are no rules so much as guidelines and that ultimately you must do whatever it is that you feels tells your story best. Still, I’d appreciate the input of writers and readers alike:


Shark[nado] Happens

Hot diggity damn. I haven’t posted here since January!

Since my last entry, a few changes occurred in my life that took me by storm, and now, nearly eight months later, I’m finally getting my sea legs back.

For starters, I resigned from my graphic design job in Hell (Yes, I am implying that I worked for Satan — figuratively, I hope). This was a major release for me and put to rest some very deep psychological issues, the kind you would expect to stem from working for the Devil.

Within a week, I was comfortably adjusting to my new job, which allows my creativity to flow more freely, all the while not being so creatively draining that I can’t come home and still have the energy required to write.

In the midst of the shuffle, I also managed to do some work on social media phenomenon that is Sharknado 2: The Second One. My friend Anthony C. Ferrante, the film’s director, offered me the chance to design the opening titles for the film, to which I emphatically agreed. Like all things Sharknado, it was a bumpy ride, but the end result was that I could say I WORKED ON SHARKNADO. Also, it didn’t look half bad!


And that, my friends, brings us to today.

I’m sitting at my computer, as I usually am, tinkering with ideas in Evernote; throwing in little seeds of story with the intent of having them sprout and develop into characters, chapters and even all new stories.

Oh, I almost forgot! I am now the proud owner of this beauty. 4K resolution, bay-bay! I’m entertaining the idea of using it to film my own book trailers in the future, but that’s wishful thinking until the first novel is complete. Still, it’s a fun idea and I can’t wait to experiment.


Later, gators!