Resolutions for 2014

The New Year is upon us! And with each new year comes the chance to form new (hopefully good!) habits.

My resolutions for 2014—some writerly, some not—are below.

  1. Write 300 words a day.

    This task seems rather daunting for a newbie, but I’ve heard enough times over the past few weeks that 300 words a day is the (rough) equivalent of a page a day. With 365 days in a year, by year’s end I should have a fully realized draft of TSP (unless I pull a George R.R. Martin and decide to roll out an 864 page novel–please God, no). If I’m extra diligent and begin to surpass my daily word quota, I may even be able to squeeze in some valuable rewriting time. (This entry, it turns out, is already 300 words long.)

  2. Get the hell out out of Dodge.

    It’s time to make a joint savings account with the wife and generate enough financial padding to leave Los Angeles. If it takes all year, so be it. Los Angeles seemed like a sensible move when I was aspiring to be a screenwriter, but ever since my “novel epiphany,” the city has become a black hole for all things creative. The escape plan is a place in San Francisco, or maybe even Seattle. We haven’t quite decided yet, but the consensus is “Anywhere but here.”

  3. Keep up with this blog.

    Originally, this resolution would have been to “make a blog,” but I thankfully jumped the gun on that one. Now, I merely have to make myself keep up with it. It’s already proved to be a valuable resource after only a handful of entries, so finding the motivation to keep up with it will likely be the least challenging of my resolutions for 2014.

Have a fantastic 2014, everyone! May you all be blessed with high word counts and book sales.

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